Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peace: A Discussion Between Sami Rasouli And Tim Nolan

from Bill Sorem
Sami Rasouli, Iraqi-American now lives if Najaf, Iraq, most of the year. He returns once a year to Minneapolis, a city once home to him and his restaurant, Sinbads, a city he has negotiated to become a sister city to his other home, Najaf. Rasouli has been an active worker for peace for many years. He's a cofounder of the Muslim Peacemaker Team in Iraq, dedicated to bring peace to a country almost destroyed by the U.S. invasion.
Tim Nolan has also labored for peace for many years. He edits the Global Peace Blog. He brightens many peace events with his presence and Irish wit. A professional photographer for many years, his practiced eye is still at work in his journalistic endeavors.                                             >toward understanding<

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