Saturday, August 30, 2008


August 29, 2008

Dear Tim,

Barack Obama gave a powerful message last night when he said that the election was not about him, but about us. The same is true for the change we are so anxious to see-it's about us building the momentum. That's why CODEPINK and other grassroots activists from all over the country were so determined to take the message of peace to the Democratic National Convention. While Barack Obama barely mentioned Iraq in his acceptance speech, we were there all week long to bring a peace platform to the DNC.

Yes, there were some places where we were not welcome (and even kicked out!) but most delegates embraced us with love and gratitude. They, too, are frustrated by the lack of leadership in our country when it comes to getting out of Iraq, and are ready to stand up for issues and not just candidates. Over 1,000 delegates wore or held our message, I am A Delegate for PEACE.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Michelle about Barack

Tim --

The first time I ever heard Barack speak was at a community meeting on the South Side of Chicago.

He won me over with the same message that inspired millions last night.

He told people who'd been knocked down that, despite everything, we need to set our sights on a better place around the bend -- and that it's up to each one of us to fight for it.

That's where you come in.

More than two million supporters already own a piece of this extraordinary campaign. Will you join them by making your first donation right now?

Now that the convention is over, time will fly between now and Election Day.

And the next two days are especially important.

The August fundraising deadline is this Sunday at midnight, and we can prove that a campaign funded by grassroots supporters can compete with John McCain and the Republicans.

The past four days in Denver -- and the amazing event last night -- showed the country that Americans are ready for change.

Now it's up to each of us to make it happen.

Thanks for everything you're doing,

A note from Barack Obama

Tim --

This night could not have happened 40 years ago -- or even 4 years ago.

And it could not have happened without you.

You believed, against the odds, that change was possible. I felt your passion here tonight, and I know it was shared by millions of Americans who are building this movement all across the country.

Tonight is your night. But tonight is just the beginning.

The general election is going to be faster and tougher than anything we've faced so far. And our opponents will do everything they can to tear us down.

I need your support more than ever.

Our party is united. Our purpose is clear. And our goal is in sight.

Thank you for everything you've done,


Fresh Leadership is on the way

My grandson was born March 31, 2008 he is the seventh generation of Nolan's in America, the sixth here in Minneapolis. What have we given him to look forward too. Health Care that is primarily for profit. Education that has failing marks when only 60% of students finish high school. Gas prices at a all time high and still climbing. Food costs soaring. The elephants will be here in Minnesota this September. A three ring circus of ADO (A)cquire (D)ownsize (O)utsource. Sad but true it is going to be a repeat of the anti war protest in Chicago in 1968. We as a nation have been living in another state of FEAR. JFK's assassination and 9/11 have a interesting parallel. The behind scenes power that is working to destroy WE as a country and a nation that I have always loved . Embarrassed at times to admit I'm American. The prayer of St. Francis is one that I keep praying. I too am in favor of moving forward. We can stand still forming an analysis paralysis. Let's promote DFL back to a (d)emocracy (f)resh (l)eadership. Tell it to our neighbors spread the word HOPE is insight. Tim Nolan August 29 ,2008

I hate war also

Hi Tim, I hate war also. My son did time in Iraq and I have a friend there. My cousin Kevin Custard was killed in the Beirut bombing. My brother flew KC 130's with body bags and the Hercules picking up the body bags during the war in Somalia. He considers Bush a mass murderer. I hope God makes something good out of this whole tragedy and sees to it that ends soon. I am enjoying today, Hope you do too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Global Insights

Hi Tim,

I just spent 10 minutes writing my comments only to find out I had to sign up with Google.........I did not, so here it is again. Just pick up any national newspaper today and you will see that there are over 100 conflicts going on at this moment. Rally's, placards, banners, posters, and good intentions are like 'pissing' in the wind. When there are egocentric people, who want nothing more than to control others, and the voters put them into office, there will be no solution. Unfortunately, wars are not discriminating, so I would probably not escape, but what the world really needs is a BIG WAR to clean up the chaff and start over. For example, the Taliban. What on earth would drive anyone to spend their entire existence trying to tell others how to dress, wear their hair, girls not to drive nor study, how to believe or how and when to pray........morons, who you cannot deal with, period. What kind of a brain would want to kill themselves and other innocents so they can get 72 virgins.........some serious sexual repression going on here! It has to go back to 'poor' toilet training. There aren't that many virgins left in this world. Africa and the middle east should be erased and turned into glass, and I would gladly push the red button. I am sick to death of what the world has become and long for the days in which we grew up. I have had my comments written-up over 25 times in the Thai national papers, but I am now stopping that, as it is just wasting my time. How on earth can people like Mugabe, Mbeki, and the many others we read about get to where they are? It says a lot about how people think (or not think) and that is where the problem lies. Keep up the good work, Tim. Don

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Global Peace

While covering the elections back in 2004. Several people approached me with their stories. Being a photographer at the time I captured the moment with the expressions of the People. Looking at main media these stories never made it to the pages of print media. My natural curiosity lead me down a pathway that is rarely covered if at all. To get the ball rolling I'll post the shots I captured of WE the People. The ordinary folks willing to step forward and speak their piece. Keep your eyes on this site . Spread the word. WE have a stronger chance to be part of a major change that is NOW unfolding. LOVE & PEACE Tim Nolan