Monday, April 23, 2012

Naomi Wolf vs. Katy Perry and Sexy Military Propaganda

(MediaRoots) – In John Cusack’s 2008 movie, War, Inc., an outrageous pop star, singing and dancing, is situated in the middle of all this chaos and criminogenic environment, addled with occupying corporations, zealous military forces, and war-torn absurdity.   Giving real-life meaning to the War, Inc. pop star, real-life pop star Katy Perry seems to be fearlessly treading the boundaries of mindless military propaganda.  Or is Katy Perry innocently just havin’ a good time?

In Katy Perry’s dramatic new video for her corporate record label—the same label Radiohead is on, by the way—Capitol under EMI under Citigroup—her character has an epiphany when she sees a bumper sticker on a bulletin board:

“All women are created equal
But then some become Marines”

I suppose any artist daring enough to flirt with military imagery must either be an incredibly courageous artistic genius or a misguided tool.  If numbers say anything, Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” video already has over 39 million views.  But, clearly, that military joke isn’t funny anymore.  And Naomi Wolf, who has done her fair share of dirt on behalf of women’s rights and human rights, wasn’t laughing either.  Even boycotts are being called against Katy Perry.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Jonathan Foley - The Other Inconvenient Truth

The Other Inconvenient Truth: How Agriculture is Changing the Face of Our Planet

We typically think of climate change as the biggest environmental issue we face today. But maybe it's not? In this presentation, Jonathan Foley shows how agriculture and land use are maybe a bigger culprit in the global environment, and could grow even larger as we look to feed over 9 billion people in the future.                    >click to hear<

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dr. James Zogby talks about Iran while in Des Moines

March 20, 2012 Sponsored by American Friends Service Committee    >click here to hear<

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Senator Klobuchar co-sponsors Casey-Graham-Lieberman bill (Senate Resolution 380) that increases the risk of war with Iran.

We regret to inform FNVW members that Senator Amy Klobuchar has signed on as a cosponsor of the Casey-Graham-Lieberman bill (Senate Resolution 380).

Please call or write Senator Klobuchar and express your opposition to her support of this legislation.
(202)224-3244 / (612) 727-5220

Why Is This Resolution Dangerous?

     * It undermines diplomacy. As tensions between the U.S. and Iran escalate, Congress should be supporting the vigorous pursuit of all diplomatic options available to resolve the crisis and avert a war. Instead, S. Res. 380 puts U.S. negotiators under intense political pressure, undercutting their ability to reach a diplomatic solution, which heightens the potential of war.
     * It is a disguised effort to allow for a war with Iran. S. Res. 380 calls for a military attack on Iran when it reaches "nuclear weapons capability".
     * The resolution bans Iran from any nuclear enrichment - even for peaceful purposes. Peaceful, nonmilitary nuclear enrichment is allowed under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

 "A permanent Iranian uranium-enrichment halt would be beneficial and very welcome, but it is not necessary to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, and it is not realistic given the strong support for maintaining Iran's right to pursue peaceful nuclear activities, including enrichment, across the political spectrum in Iran," said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association.