Wednesday, November 27, 2013


By Jafar M Ramini                                                                                                                                        This last week has seen a fundamental change in the way the world sees Israel.  In particular, the United States of America.
When Mr. Obama came to power in 2008 we, the citizens of the world who, whether by choice or coercion are affected by what the most powerful nation on earth does, let forth a huge sigh of relief.  Here was an African American President who might at last have a different view of the world and a fairer approach to American foreign policy. Especially in the Middle East and particularly towards Palestine.
We all heard the speeches; we all applauded the coming of the ‘Black Messiah’ and waited for tangible results to fulfill some of our dreams for a better and fairer world. We were all to be bitterly disappointed. Mr. Obama continued along the path of his predecessors, but he also went out of his way to affirm that America would always ‘have Israel’s back’.     >Jafar's Complete Report<

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace

On the 50th anniversary of JFK's death, his nephew recalls the fallen president's attempts to halt the war machine
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.   

On November 22nd, 1963, my uncle, president John F. Kennedy, went to Dallas intending to condemn as "nonsense" the right-wing notion that "peace is a sign of weakness." He meant to argue that the best way to demonstrate American strength was not by using destructive weapons and threats but by being a nation that "practices what it preaches about equal rights and social justice," striving toward peace instead of "aggressive ambitions." Despite the Cold War rhetoric of his campaign, JFK's greatest ambition as president was to break the militaristic ideology that has dominated our country since World War II.      >Read More<

1948: Creation and Catastrophe Trailer

from Andy Trimlett
The year 1948 saw the establishment of the state of Israel, the culmination of generations of Jewish persecution across Europe and Russia. But that same year proved catastrophic for the Palestinians - 700,000 to 900,000 men, women and children were forced to leave their homes and never allowed to return. 1948 was the most pivotal year in the most controversial conflict in the world, but it is almost never mentioned on American television, radio, or newspaper stories. With this documentary, we aim to change that.

We have traveled to Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, the US and the UK to interview experts and dozens of Israelis and Palestinians who experienced 1948 first-hand: militia fighters, civilians, people who were forced to flee their homes, and those who made sure the refugees would never return. We have also interviewed many of the top historians of 1948 - including Avi Shlaim of Oxford University, Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University, Ilan Pappe of Exeter University, Nur Masalha of St. Mary's University College, Benny Morris of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and more.

This project is currently in post-production.

Refugee photos courtesy of the ICRC.    >Link to Trailer<

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


By Jafar M Ramini

Jafar Ramini
If you live anywhere in Britain, especially in London you couldn’t have missed during this last month, the sea of red poppies adorning many a chest. The red poppy has become a symbol of the British legion, to commemorate those who gave their lives, needlessly, during the First World War.
In all the years that I have been living in London it has never ceased to amaze me how people still consider a war or the results of such, as a cause for celebration.
Jafar Ramini,another informative and historical over view of the Middle East Region.               

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Israel Is Moving And Shaking The Middle East"

George Galloway Vs Israeli General                                              

George Galloway and former General / aide to Ariel Sharon debate the state of Iraq after war.                                                          >Link to Debate<