Saturday, August 30, 2014

I am unable to switch off trying to fathom what I've seen heard and read all day.
There were a lot of mix messages coming out from Ramallah, Gaza and Tel Aviv.
First Mahmoud Abbas announced that Netayahu agreed to A Palestinian State based of the 1967 borders. This was immediately denied by Netanyahus' office. Then there were celebrations in Gaza with speakers proclaiming victory. Then Mark Regev blamed Hamas for prolonging the war by a month unnecessarily. Saying that had they accepted the 'same' terms they signed on now a month ago, they would have saved hundreds of lives. Then Mahmoud Abbas agreeing with him while saying that if Netanyahu did not agree to the 1967 borders he has a few answers for him. What are those answers I wander?
In the meantime the Neo-Nazis occupying forces are carrying out mass abductions in the West Bank, from Hebrone in the South to Jenin in the north, house demolitions, building a six story 'YASHIVA' building in Sheikh Jarrah and to top it all the squatters are burning meadows near Nablus. Where are the PAs' security forces while all this is going on? Carrying the duties they were commissioned to do, I suppose! Protecting the occupation not the occupied.
Is it any wander I can't sleep?
Good night all.

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