Friday, August 31, 2012

Nuns, Faith and Politics

August 24, 2012

On a road trip of faith and politics, American nuns spread the word: Paul Ryan’s budget would hurt those already struggling to make ends meet.                                                                                                 Weeks before Republican Paul Ryan was selected to run for vice president, Sister Simone Campbell — who heads NETWORK, a Catholic policy and lobbying group — hit the road to protest the so-called “Ryan budget” recently passed by the House of Representatives. She and some of her sister nuns rolled across the heartland on a bus trip designed to arouse public concern over what the Ryan plan would mean for social services in America, especially its slashing of programs for the poor. Sister Simone says his budget is inconsistent with Catholic social teaching. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops agrees.                                                               >Bill Moyers Interview<

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Message from America to Iran: We Love You!

To the people of Iran, the United States government has threatened you with war. But the people of the United States have a different message for you. We Love you!!! And we don't want war with you. Let's put aside our differences, come together, and prevent this war.                                                                                        >listen to comments<

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dakota 38 + 2

In the spring of 2005, Jim Miller, a Native spiritual leader and Vietnam veteran, found himself in a dream riding on horseback across the great plains of South Dakota. Just before he awoke, he arrived at a riverbank in Minnesota and saw 38 of his Dakota ancestors hanged. At the time, Jim knew nothing of the largest mass execution in United States history, ordered by Abraham Lincoln on December 26, 1862. "When you have dreams, you know when they come from the creator... As any recovered alcoholic, I made believe that I didn't get it. I tried to put it out of my mind, yet it's one of those dreams that bothers you night and day."
Now, four years later, embracing the message of the dream, Jim and a group of riders retrace the 330-mile route of his dream on horseback from Lower Brule, South Dakota to Mankato, Minnesota to arrive at the hanging site on the anniversary of the execution. "We can't blame the wasichus anymore. We're doing it to ourselves. We're selling drugs. We're killing our own people. That's what this ride is about, is healing." This is the story of their journey- the blizzards they endure, the Native and Non-Native communities that house and feed them along the way, and the dark history they are beginning to wipe away.                                                           > Full Movie<                                                   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

War on the Weak:

Eugenics in America                                                                                           This documentary depicts the U.S. Eugenic legislation throughout the early 20th Century and chronicles the compulsory sterilization faced by many Americans. "War on the Weak" continues to analyze negative eugenics by discussing the U.S. Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell. Furthermore, the parallels present among U.S. and Nazi ideologies on the nature of eugenics are presented, along with an exposition on the affinity Nazi scientists had for U.S. eugenics laws. The documentary concludes with a look at modern genetic research and leaves the viewer with the hopeful message of a society free of ailments but warns of the dangers on science that is not kept in check with the moral values of humanity.                                                     >click to watch<                                             

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Why in the World are They Spraying?"

People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth's natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.                               >Full Length Documentary<

Friday, August 10, 2012

Help Prevent the Next War in the Middle East

Do you feel helpless in the face of our so-called elected officials’ unwillingness to stand up to the Israeli government?

What Can We Do?
The Israeli government is not worried about the US Congress or any western government. However, they are worried about grassroots boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movements that are challenging their impunity. We can use this concern to help raise the cost of an attack on Iran, and thereby help prevent the next war in the Middle East.

By signing the Divest From War Pledge, you commit to boycotting Israel and Israeli products, and divesting from Israeli government bonds if Israel initiates a preemptive attack on Iran.

This is a global campaign, and all peace-loving people around the world are encouraged to sign this pledge.

How is this different from oAre you worried about a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran dragging the US and the ther online petitions?
Most online petitions ask an elected official, corporation, or other entity to do (or not do) something, but usually there is no added incentive, other than bad publicity. In this case a serious incentive in the form of a threat of boycott/divestment is built right into the petition. This is the kind of campaign that governments will pay attention to, but only if we get a large number of signatures!                                                      >Click here to read and sign the Divest From War pledge<

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why doctors are more dangerous than guns - Health Ranger investigation

According to the government's own numbers
you are much more likely to be killed by FDA
approved prescription drugs than a homicidal

More likely to be killed by medical malpractice.

More likely to be killed by medical fraud.

And yet, the media and the government want you to
trust your doctor and fear your neighbor.                                                                                              >watch informative presentation<

Friday, August 3, 2012

What It’s Like to Go to War

America has been at war for over a decade now, with millions of soldiers having seen death and dying up close in Afghanistan and Iraq. But most Americans, watching comfortably on their TVs and computers, witness mostly to statistics, stump speeches, and “expert” rhetoric, don’t get what’s really going on there. Bill talks to Karl Marlantes — a highly-decorated Vietnam veteran, Rhodes Scholar, author, and PTSD survivor — about what we on the insulated outside need to understand about the minds and hearts of our modern warriors. Marlantes shares with Bill intimate stories about how his battlefield experiences both shaped and nearly destroyed him, even after returning to civilian life.

“’Thou shalt not kill’ is a tenet you just do not violate, and so all your young life, that’s drilled into your head. And then suddenly, you’re 18 or 19 and they’re saying, ‘Go get ‘em and kill for your country.’ And then you come back and it’s like, ‘Well, thou shalt not kill’ again. Believe me, that’s a difficult thing to deal with,” Marlantes tells Bill. “You take a young man and put him in the role of God, where he is asked to take a life — that’s something no 19-year-old is able to handle.”  >THE FULL SHOW<

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Secret Societies the String Pullers

Skulls, Bilderbergers and The CFR                                                                                                  This is a documentary about - Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission.
Are the Members of these Brotherhoods the Innocent Victims of Mud-Slinging Conspiracy Theorists or are they Untouchable Elitists who Control the World?                                           >click to hear presentation<