Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chemtrails are COAL ASH

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Tim Nolan said...

We have to stick to the facts, and hold to our earnest motivation, to save our biosphere. There can be no ego in this fight. Anyone who is in this, to get famous, build up a fan base, or make money by pushing propaganda, must be exposed, and excluded from the discussion.
I request that the world wide scientific community, use their laboratories, to either verify, or discredit, the claims made in this video.
I also request the scientists, who are inside the spraying program, find a way to publish their scientific data, as to why, they believe it is necessary to continue this massive spraying program.
It is very late in the game, and all humans have a right to know why these spraying programs are polluting their air, their water, their food, their soil, and destroying the ozone layer (causing deadly ultraviolet increases, all over the northern hemisphere.)
I apologize for the added confusion!

YES, there is proof, that chemtrails are NOT water vapor, because ice crystals only form, if the humidity aloft, is over 60%. Simple weather maps, of the humidity in the jetstream, are PROOF, that the chemtrails are NOT water ice crystals. It is as simple as that. Here is the video proof, that chemtrails are NOT water ice crystals: