Friday, August 14, 2015

Hyannis Port and Squaw Island, August 1963

Hyannis Port and Squaw Island, August 1963
Date(s) of Materials:
August 1963: 14-30
Silent motion picture footage of President John F. Kennedy's family time at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, and at his residence at Squaw Island, Massachusetts. Dates for some of the footage cannot be established. For most of the footage, dates likely fall between August 14, 1963, and August 30, 1963. President Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, Jr., relax outside the Squaw Island residence with dogs. The family visits the residence of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., in Hyannis Port. The President greets Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., while Eunice Kennedy Shriver is present. Other activities include Caroline and others riding horses, Caroline and John, Jr., and others spending time at the beach, and President Kennedy cruising aboard the President's yacht "Honey Fitz" with his family, Under Secretary of the Navy Paul B. "Red" Fay, Anita Fay, and Sally Fay.                                                                                     >link historical footage<

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