Sunday, April 12, 2015

Collective Consciousness "We Will Return" feat. Bang Em Smurf and Moe Diab

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Tim Nolan said...

In honor of Professor Edward Said RIP

No more last skies Mahmoud Darwish RIP

Copyright © 2015 by Collective Consciousness (Siraj Davis)

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"We Will Return" by Collective Consciousness featuring Bang Em Smurf and Moe Diab

This Collective Consciousness music creation is dedicated to the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees worldwide and is simply titled, "We Will Return." The creation is a multi-lingual amalgam also aimed at raising awareness of Palestinian refugees' plight in consequence to an absence of citizenship rights in their country of refuge. It is showcased in Arabic/English with subtitle translations and also filmed on location in Gaza Camp, Jordan by Siraj Davis and Belal Omar. Ali Mousa Zubidi and Yaser Al Haddad at Trio Productions (Jordan) remade the music beat donated by Yazeed Abu Darwish of DZK Productions, recorded the vocals in the studio, and helped create the footage at the expense of Collective Consciousness. The Prafessa at Go Hard Entertainment of Anderson, South Carolina aided in this brilliant creation's development. Translations were done by Sara Abunamous of Nell Language Program in Jordan and by author, HR activist, political lobbyist, teacher, and journalist Siraj Davis. This video represents the innocent victims of Israel, shouting in a personal message to the world to never forget them, "we will return to Palestine," Palestinians and all other humans. The Right of Return is the only possession they have left.