Friday, January 30, 2015

11 Hollywood/Pentagon propaganda films released since 2001

North Koreans are subjected to propaganda. Russians are subjected to propaganda. The Chinese are subjected to propaganda. Iranians are subjected to propaganda. Cubans are subjected to propaganda. Venezuelans are subjected to propaganda. But what about Americans?

Even the most cursory examination of US history concludes the answer as an overwhelming positive.

In September 1941, then-North Dakota Senator Gerald Nye charged Hollywood with producing "at least twenty pictures in the last year designed to drug the reason of the American people, set aflame their emotions, turn their hatred into a blaze, and fill them with fear that Hitler will come over here and capture them." But with the attack on Pearl Harbor just a few months later, Nye's pro-peace views quickly became overwhelmingly fringe as Hollywood succumbed to war fever. In less than a year, 12 percent of entertainment industry employees entered the armed forces, and by the war's end, one-quarter of Hollywood's male employees were in uniform.                                   >rest of the stories and reviews<

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