Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Red Cry | Official Release | 2013

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Tim Nolan said...

Michael C. Ruppert via Gma KoKo

GENOCIDE happening here and now - posted by Gma KoKo

Watching this two hour documentary "Red Cry" was hard for me, not because it presented new information, but because it was so horrible to see it all together, to realize the extent and the longevity of this genocide still happening on our watch. In the last ten minutes the Lakota elders ask:

Who will stand with us?
Who will stand up to the United States of America and say "You have to stop occupying their land"

I wonder, how do the people of this planet stand up to 'the bully on the playground'? Remembering it is cultural beliefs in superiority that we fight, not individual peoples. How do we bring justice and honor back to a law-less land?

MUST WATCH and SHARE with everyone you can.
Got to stand for something or you fall for anything.