Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Welcome back Jafar Ramini

Jafar Ramini
 London, United Kingdom ·

Good I morning,
How I wish that was true. I am afraid that, as usual, it is not a good morning in Palestine.
Yesterday The Palestinian Center For Human Rights condemned the PA's security force's violent dispersal of a peaceful protest in Hebron on Friday. The protesters were showing their solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners who are still languishing in Israeli jails.
You would have thought that our brothers and sisters in Hebron and elsewhere in Palestine have suffered enough for the last few decades? What with the brutal Israeli occupation and the heartless inhumane illegal settlers stepping on their throats, their lives are made a misery on daily basis. Now, with the disappearance of the three illegal Israeli settler teenagers, the last twelve days have been particularly harrowing. Hundreds of men, women and children rounded up like cattle, at least three dead including a child and many injured and to top all our own 'Security Forces' had to add their penny's worth to the mix.
Why am I not surprised? This is what happens when the USA trained and equipped collaborators are let loose on the public.
Didn't Abu Mazen call the security collaboration with Israel 'SACRED'? Didn't he vow to quell the resistance? Doesn't he still refuse to take Israel to the ICC and ICJ to answer for their crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine?
The whole debacle of the Oslo accord and the creation of The Palestinian Authority was for one purpose and one purpose only, the protection of the occupation and the survival of Israel.
Who knows? One day when I wake up the PA may be dissolved, the occupation will be no more and our land and people will be liberated and free. Now, that will be a glorious morn.

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