Friday, November 9, 2012

R.I.P. Russell Means Tribute , We Have Lost A True Revolutionary American Hero KnowTheTruthTV 2012

R.I.P. Russell Means ....Today We Have Lost A True Revolutionary American Hero, And Someone Who Stood For Truth And Justice Until His Death....In 1973 Russell Means and the American Indian Movement were labeled one of the the most dangerous
groups in America by the FBI. In this period of increased violence, on June 26, 1975, the reservation was the site of an armed confrontation between AIM activists and the FBI in what became known as the Pine Ridge Shootout. Two FBI agents, Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams, and the AIM activist Jim Stuntz were killed. ...."We were the "thought criminals" of the day. The FBI had targeted the Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement for destruction through their infamous illegal counterintelligence program COINTELPRO. We were the ones, along with all the other movements, who dared to envision a different America. Ultimately many people came to see the wisdom of our critique. Today, as I look across the landscape of the United States of America, the opposite of freedom prevails. Just as we had to battle for freedom for our lands, we had hoped farmers and ranchers would realize they were next on America's sacrificial chopping block. Over the past three decades, family farm after family farm and ranch after ranch has been auctioned off or sharecropped out to corporations. Self-sufficiency has been replaced by dependency on a malevolent federal government, and the peoples' love of the land has been replaced by personal desperation and self-interst. Freedom of thought has been replaced by a state-run educational system that produces docile, self-absorbed automations that would make Orwell blush. War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Instead of learning to be critical thinkers, America's youth are conditioned into an ethic of mass consumerism and corporate careerism." Russell Means ...
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