Saturday, June 23, 2012

George Galloway in Vancouver: Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech

The man who gave the US Senate a solid drubbing in 2005, former British MP George Galloway came to Vancouver during his cross-country tour of Canada on November 22 -- and he had a lot to say. In this talk he tackles his nemesis Jason Kenney -- the man who illegally banned him from entering Canada in 2009. He continues by lambasting the complicit Neo-Conservative government of Canada and he laments our diminishing reputation as "Peacekeeping Canadians" on the international stage. Mr. Galloway then explores the persistent hypocrisy of Israel and the West vs. Islam and the Middle East. (With specific emphasis on Afghanistan and Palestine.) He concludes by discussing Iran and Islamophobia.

You may agree or disagree with some of the things George Galloway has to say but you can't disagree with his intentions and the force of his convictions.   >Galloway's passionate speech<

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