Friday, September 23, 2016

Standing Firm in the Face of Violence (from @Truthdig)

Standing Firm in the Face of Violence (from @Truthdig): With police killings of unarmed black men almost a weekly occurrence in the U.S., we must not let our trauma weaken our resolve to insist on—and organize for—racial justice.
- 2016/09/22

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Tim Nolan said...

Another week, and another unarmed black man has been shot by police, with video footage of the macabre incident available for all to view from various angles. The shooting death of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Okla., at the hands of a white police officer, Betty Shelby, is sickening. The footage has re-traumatized black Americans, as well as those of us non-black Americans who are paying attention.

The police are not necessarily becoming more violent. It’s just that now we are seeing the violence in all its glory, and we are seeing it before the justice system has time to catch up. Because this violence is so well-documented and has the power to shock, media outlets are paying greater attention and keeping better score of the fallen. Each death is painful, and the resulting non-indictments, as in the recent case of Korryn Gaines in Baltimore, reopen the wounds.