Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Rebekah Roth Show ~ Truth Out


Tim Nolan said...

Since the release of my first novel Methodical Illusion I have been gang stalked by a group of internet trolls, they have accused over a dozen people of being me, posted people's home addresses on the internet, and endangered my friends and family.

They Claim I never worked as a Flight attendant and that I am a fraud, well, here is your proof of what airline I worked for for 31 years and my rank as flight attendant and purser.

They also claim I am a secret agent for the CIA, but clearly anyone who has read my books knows that is insane to even suggest. They claim I am a chemist and that is also untrue. I started my flight career in 1973 and left in 2004.

I wrote my novels exposing the truth that I had discovered using US government data, and nearly a terabyte of Freedom of Information Act releases that any interested 911 researcher could have requested, they didn't.

Inside the government documents I uncovered shocking information that I knew would endanger my life and my family and friends. I chose to keep myself out of the picture, after all, it was all about the truth about 911 not about me.
Trolls however think differently, they think IF they can claim I was never an airline employee, that what I wrote in my novels could not be real or true, perhaps they are working for the real perpetrators of 911?

They have not just attacked the messenger to kill the message but in their incompetence they have endangered women that probably don't even know the books exist.

Nobody should tolerate this type of behavior. And I do not. I have legal counsel and will pursue this as a legal matter should this character assassination over two novels continue.

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Tim Nolan said...

My future shows will show up here, please subscribe so you get notified when new shows are posted.

I will be sharing some of the new information that has been uncovered by a group of dedicated Americans that want to know the truth and have helped me to sift through the FOIA data. These are Military, special ops, DARPA, air traffic controllers, pilots, flight attendants and pursers from airlines in the USA and around the world.

To those of you more interested in the truth and have experienced family and friends wake up after reading the Methodical Illusion, I thank you for your continued support in getting the truth out to the public.

Thank you for sharing this video and for exposing the trolls that have endangered innocent people in their hate and vitriol.
~ Rebekah Roth