Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[HD] "People Have the Power" Patti Smith / Arisa


Tim Nolan said...

Published on Dec 24, 2013

Concerto di Natale 2013 XXI edizione
Dall'Auditorium della Conciliazione di Roma

Tim Nolan said...

Desire for Global Peace is a unique Friendly Forum which is committed and working to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its true letter and spirits.
Let us join hands for the sake of Humanity and change the World for a better place for our generations to come.
Let us join hands to eradicate the poverty and educate every child who were born anywhere in the World and give him/her their birth as promised in Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted in 1948 and since then never been implemented in its true letter and Spirits.
Believe me nothing is impossible in this world if we have a will to do with your Cooperation.
May the Universe Peace be with you. Tim Nolan managing editor Global Peace